ISBBB 2016 Session Keynote Speakers (More Speakers will be announced shortly)

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Ayse Ademuwagun | Varroc Lighting Systems | USA Rajesh Anandjiwala | Council for Scientific and Industrial Research | South Africa

Debes Bhattacharyya | University of Auckland | New Zealand


David Bressler | University of Alberta | Canada

Jonathan Y. Chen | University of Texas at Austin | USA

Craig Clemons USDA Forest Service | USA
Michael F. Cunningham | Queen's University | Canada

Ajay K. DalaiUniversity of Saskatchewan | Canada

John Dutcher | University of Guelph | Canada
Raul Fangueiro | University of Minho | Portugal

Basil D. Favis | Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal | Canada

Pedro J. Herrera Franco | Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán | Mexico
Douglas Gardner | The University of Maine | USA A.K.Ghosh | Centre for Polymer Science & Engineering - IIT Delhi | India

Shaoqin "Sarah" Gong | University of Wisconsin-Madison | USA

David Grewell | Iowa State UniversityIowa State University | USA Rakesh Gupta | West Virginia University | USA

Mikael Hedenqvist | KTH Royal Institute of Technology | Sweden

Hamada Hiroyuki | Kyoto Institute of Technology | Japan

Mahesh V. Hosur | Tuskegee University | USA Sadhan Jana | University of Akron | USA

Monique Lacroix | Canadian Irradiation Centre | Canada

Andrea Lazzeri | Pisa University | Italy Alcides Lopes Leão | Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) | Brazil


Shijie Liu | State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry | USA

Manjusri Misra | University of Guelph | Canada

Andrew Myers | Pittsburg State University | USA

Ramaswamy Nagarajan | University of Massachasetts Lowell USA

Ramani Narayan | Michigan State University | United States

Satya Narayan Naik Indian Institute of Technology Delhi | India

Suresh S. Narine | Trent University | Canada

Rodrigo Navia | University of La Frontera | Chile Nak Paik | BIOX Corporation | Canada

Béla Pukánszky | Budapest University of Technology and Economics | Hungary

Sudip Rakshit | Lakehead University | Canada

Bandaru Ramarao | State University of New York  | USA
Daniel Schwendemann | Institute for Material Science and Plastics Processing | Switzerland

Nandika D’Souza | University of North Texas | USA

Hari Sunkara | DuPont | USA
Paridah Tahir | Universiti Putra Malaysia | Malaysia

Dilip Tambyrajah International Natural Fiber Association | The Netherlands

Minh Tan Ton-That | National Research Council Canada | Canada
Mark C. Thies Clemson University | USA

Jaya Shankar Tumuluru | Idaho National Laboratory | USA

Chad Ulven | North Dakota State University | USA

John Wolodko | University of Alberta | Canada

Jian Xu | Chinese Academy of Science | China

Ning Yan | University of Toronto | Canada


Dr. Xiaoqing Zhang | CSIRO | Australia

Dr. Jinwen Zhang | Washington State University | USA






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