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Susanne Braun

Susanne Braun has a broad knowledge in the food sector, based on an academic degree in food technology (MSc) and a second academic education in economy and European politics (MBA). Her work included international management and consulting activities within food companies in different countries. She is highly experienced in working in international research projects and is involved in the coordination and the management of EU research projects. She is member in various European food networks and associations. Currently she is the chair of the European network FoodForce,

Her main activities in the recent years consisted, amongst others, in the optimization of the knowhow transfer to SMEs in the food sector and the linking with a trans-European network of various stakeholders. This comprised the coordination and participation in several large scale European projects. The work included several publications as well as the organization and participation in a big number of international conferences and workshops.

Susanne Braun is working as Managing Director of the Research Center for Bioeconomy, a central inter-faculty center at the University of Hohenheim. She brings together a broad scientific knowledge from agricultural sciences, biology, food sciences, nutrition sciences, to socio-economic sciences as a background for interdisciplinary and international research activities and networks. A central task of the Center is to foster cooperation with various stakeholders and research institutions in the food sector on national and international level.


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