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Monique Lacroix

Dr. Monique Lacroix is a Professor of Science Research Laboratory applied to Food at the Centre INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier and a Researcher at the Canadian Irradiation Centre. She obtained her B.Sc.A. (1980) and her M.Sc. (1982) in food science and technology from Laval University. Recipient of a one-year fellowship in biotechnology in 1983, from the France-Quebec exchange program, she participated in a study of the differential absorption kinetics of milk protein hydrolysate in vivo in pigs, at laboratory of nutrition physiology, INRA, Jouy-en-Josas, France. She was awarded a Ph.D in nutrition by Laval University in 1986, where she specialized in the improvement of nutritional value of canola proteins using enzymatic hydrolysis, chemical pre-treatment, fermentation and ultrafiltration in order to eliminate phenolic compounds and concentrate the protein hydrolysate. In 1987, she was appointed professor in the Research Centre in Sciences Applied to Food (CRESALA), founded by Dr. Marcel Gagnon in 1972, to collaborate with the food industry in developing new technologies, ensuring safe processing methods, improving food preservation, and developing new high quality products. In addition, she worked on combined irradiation treatments designed to improve food safety, while protecting nutritional value and reducing nutritional loss. Her research in food science is focused on improving the bio food industry through the exploitation of new processing technologies and treatments to ensure the overall quality of food as well as the use of food by-products to develop new high quality products. In this regard, she is well involved on the development of active edible coating and capsules and active biodegradable packaging using nanopolymer to improve the food safety and to protect the environment against pollution. The development of active polymers is done using crosslinking, functionalization and grafting reactions, and utilization of nanopolymers for food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications.

Source: http://www.inrs.ca/english/monique-lacroix


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