Presentation Guidelines - Tentative 

Oral Presentations

Audiovisuals will be provided in each breakout session rooms and ballrooms, including projectors, screens and laptops. On the morning of your presentation, laptops and a technical support member will be available to assist you with loading your slides. All Plenary Sessions will be held in the Ballroom.

  • Plenary presentations: 20 or 25 minutes (20 minutes will be allotted for questions and discussion at the end of the Plenary Session)
  • Keynote presentations: 25 minutes total (including questions, comments and discussion)
  • Invited presentations: 20 minutes total (including questions, comments and discussion)
  • General presentations: 15 minutes total (including questions, comments and discussion)

Poster Presentations

The optimal poster dimensions are 3 ft (height) x 4 ft (width). The poster boards will also accommodate a 4 ft (height) x 3 ft (width) vertical layout. Posters will be set-up between 7:00 am and 4:25 pm on the morning of the poster competition (Tuesday, July 24th), and will remain on display until the end of the Reception and Poster Presentation event. The posters will be displayed in the Gryphon-Ken Danby Room. Please find your name and the corresponding poster number in the Program Agenda - you will set your poster up at the poster board with this number. Posters must be taken down by 4pm on Wednesday.

Internet Access

Free wifi will will be available to attendees. Passwords will be provided at the Registration Desk.

For further assistance or questions, please visit our Hospitality Desk (Delta Convention Centre Hallway).

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