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Daniel Schwendemann

Daniel Schwendemann received his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Stuttgart, Germany in 1997. After his studies he joined Coperion GmbH (at that time Werner & Pfleiderer GmbH) as a process engineer; the firm is the world market leader in the supply of co-rotating twin screw extruders. Daniel Schwendemann was heavily involved in the development of the D-LFT process, and from its founding in 2002 until 2010 he led the firm’s group for all long glass fibre and natural fibre activities.

In 2010 he became Professor at HSR (Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil) in the University of Applied Science Eastern Switzerland. He is a partner in the Institute of Material Science and Plastics Processing IWK (Institut für Werkstofftechnik und Kunststoffverarbeitung) and is head of the compounding and extrusion department. In 2013 he won a prize from the Foundation Futur (located in Rapperswil) for an innovative extruded insulating spacer bar. The Environmental Price of Switzerland he won together with the Project Partner Fluid-solids AG for the new Biocomposites FluidSolids®. The Recycling Project and spin-off project Creamelt® “Ski-boot to 3d Printing Filament” won the Materialica Gold Award 2017 at the Expo Munich and is nominated 2018 for the German Innovation Award in the category Materials and Surfaces.


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