Headshot of Cengiz Altan

Cengiz Altan

Professor Altan is the B. H. Perkinson Chair and Presidential Professor at the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, University of Oklahoma and has been the leader of the Composite Materials Research Group for nearly three decades. Professor Altan’s primary research interests have been in the mechanics, manufacturing, and characterization of advanced micro and nanocomposite materials. He currently holds three patents on fabrication of composite laminates and nanocomposites, and has received more than $10M research funding from a wide variety of industrial and government sponsors.

Professor Altan has published more than 150 articles in the leading journals and conference proceedings, served as the editor of several ASME proceedings, and organized more than a dozen ASME symposia on advanced materials and composites. Professor Altan is an ASME Fellow and currently serving as the President of the Polymer Processing Society.


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