Headshot of Alain Guinault

Alain Guinault

Dr. Alain Guinault is a research engineer that works since more than 25 years on the polymer processing field and is currently the responsible of the extrusion platform of PIMM laboratory. He is 50 years old and had defended a PHD in 2003 in France on the extrusion of lamellar polymer blends by single screw extrusion. His research is focused since this date on the improvement of the mechanical and gas barrier properties of both petroleum-based and bio-based polymers and it is in this context that he had developed the original layer-multiplying coextrusion process in the laboratory. This tool is particularly interesting for the confinement of the polymers at the nanometric scale that opens today new way of improvement. He is co-author of 49 peer-reviewed publications (H-index, 15) and is coinventor of 3 patents.


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