Headshot of Hongbo Li

Hongbo Li

Dr. Hongbo Li got his B.S. and M.S in Tsinghua University in China and his Ph.D in the Ohio State University in the Department of Chemical Engineering. After one year as a postdoc in University of Toronto on the polymer foam processing in 2004, he joined National Research Council Canada and became a Research Officer.

Dr. Li has been very active in developing eco-responsible polymeric materials and processing with an emphasis on injection molding, sheet casting, film blowing with biaxial orientation processes and foam processing. His recent efforts are in the valorization of Canadian biomasses for applications in the manufacturing industry. He has written more than 90 articles in international journals, confidential technical reports for industries and papers at different international conferences. He has been project leaders for multiple national and international collaborating projects in the bio-based materials field. He has managed and completed successfully over 20 different industrial projects and established long term collaborations with the clients. Some technologies developed together with his colleagues in these projects have been scaled up into industrial production or demonstration, such as TPS (thermoplastic starch) /polymer blends and Lignin based thermoplastics.


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