Mahesh V. Hosur | Tuskegee University | USA

Mahesh Hosur is a Professor and Head of Materials Science and Engineering Department at Tuskegee University. He has led research efforts in advanced fiber reinforced composites, sandwich composites, nanophased composites, advanced green composites in areas of processing, process sensing, low-cost manufacturing, static and dynamic characterization, fatigue and fracture, structural analysis, development of characterization of flexible armors for extremities protection, repair of thick section composites, damage tolerant design, environmental effects, morphological characterization, microstructural characterization, nondestructive evaluation in particular ultrasonic and thermography techniques. He has supervised about 50 graduate students and nearly 50 undergraduate students besides mentoring junior faculty members. He has authored or coauthored 3 books, 3 book chapters, over 300 articles in journals and conference proceedings besides numerous technical reports. He has received many honors which includes recognition as Fellow of American Society for Mechanical engineers.



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