David Bressler | University of Alberta | Canada

David Bressler earned his Ph.D. in Microbiology and Cell Biotechnology from the University of Alberta. Dr. Bressler is appointed with the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences where he is a Professor. He is the Executive Director of the Biorefining Conversions Network, a provincial organization that was launched in 2009 out of the Faculty of Agriculture, Life & Environmental Sciences to coordinate the development of applied technologies in the area of biomass conversion. 

Dr. Bressler’s general area of research is the industrial application of thermal, chemical, and biological processes for catalytic conversion of conventional agricultural products to platform chemicals, fuels, and value-added commodities. The development and optimization of novel mechanisms and biochemical pathways are of particular interest. As Executive Director of the BCN, Dr. Bressler is a strong advocate for taking an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to developing novel, commercializable technologies that will cultivate Alberta’s bioindustrial sector.

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