Alcides Lopes Leão | UNESP | Brazil

Professor at the UNESP - Univ Estadual Paulista, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Brazil. Post doctorate in the USDA - FPL (Forest Projects Laboratory) University of Wisconsin - Madison. Ph.D in Forestry - University of Wisconsin - Madison. Master's degree in Agronomy (Energy in Agriculture) from UNESP. Graduated in Agricultural Engineering from Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho. He is currently a consultant to the National SEBRAE - Support Service for Micro and Small Enterprises in the areas of Environment, Waste and Natural Fibres. Has experience in the area of Bioenergy and Engineering of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, with emphasis on Non-Metallic Materials. He has been working on the following topics: composites, environmental management, natural fibers, recycling, energy from biomass and management of industrial, agricultural and municipal (garbage) waste. It is representative FAO/Escorena for South America, Member of Steering Committee organizing the International Year of Natural Fibres in 2009. Devotes special attention to the production of composites based on natural polymers and recycling of solid waste from various origins. Developed various processes and products in the field of composites in partnerships with private companies in the production of new materials and recycling of waste and plastics. He is coordinator of RESIDUALL - Laboratory of Solid Waste and Composites with various equipment on a pilot scale in the production of composite materials. Program Coordinator Environmental Management SEBRAE in Sao Paulo, conducting environmental audits. Co - founder of the NGO- Natural Fibers International Organization, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Was nominated for the 2011/2012 biennium by the Brazilian government as Advisory Committee member of the Common Fund for Commodities, based in Amsterdam, an organization linked to the United Nations as a funding agency projects commodities. Recently it was renamed for 2013/2014. In January 2013 in meeting of the CFC was elected Chairman of the Consultative Committee for the biennium 2013/2014, the first time occupied by a Brazilian.


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