Tyler Whale | President - Ontario Agri-Food Technologies | Canada

Tyler Whale is the president of Ontario Agri-Food Technologies. He is a lucky hybrid of agricultural and academic backgrounds and possesses passion, experience and insight into the agri-food industry. Tyler was raised on a 7th generation dairy farm in Wellington County.  After completing his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at McMaster University in 1999, Tyler went on to obtain a PhD in microbiology/immunology from the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization at the University of Saskatchewan in 2005 and an MBA in 2007.  

Along with two decades of farming experience, Tyler is an experienced entrepreneur and most recently worked at the University of Guelph’s Catalyst Centre for 6 years initiating collaborative R&D projects between industry and academia. Dr. Whale maintains an active role in his community and is a strong advocate for Canadian agriculture, the Canadian regulatory system and the opportunities Canada has in a global marketplace.


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