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Sudhagar Mani

Dr. Sudhagar Mani is an Associate Professor of Engineering, School of Chemical, Material and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Georgia (UGA), USA. His research focuses on sustainable biomass feedstock supply logistics systems; preprocessing (Pelleting, Granulation and Torrefaction) and thermo-chemical conversion technologies and development of Cellulose NanoFibrils (CNFs) based gas barrier films for food/biomedical packaging applications. His group is also focuses on the sustainability assessment of fuels, chemicals and bioplastics and composites. Dr. Mani has authored and co-authored more than 60 journal articles, book chapters, and technical reports, 3 patents, presented more than 100 conference presentations, invited talks and workshops. He is also serving as an Associate Editor for the Transactions of ASABE.


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The 2018 ISBBB conference will be held in Guelph, Ontario, Canada at the Delta Hotels Guelph Conference Centre.

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