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Sridevi Narayan-Sarathy

Sri Narayan-Sarathy is Senior Principal Scientist and member of the  PepsiCo Global R&D Fellows program.  Sri received her M.Sc. in Chemistry and M.Tech. in Polymer Science & Technology from Indian Institutes of Chennai and Delhi respectively.  She got her Ph.D. in Polymer Science & Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  Prior to joining PepsiCo in 2010, Sri was Technology Manager/Principal Scientist at Ashland Performance Materials.

Sri’s research interests are in the areas of Materials Science and Chemistry. At PepsiCo, she is leveraging   her extensive experience with different polymer chemistries to identify and develop bio-based materials for sustainable flexible packaging with good end of life. 

Sri also has an adjunct faculty appointment in the Department of Grain Sciences at Kansas State University.

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