Headshot of Feng Jiang

Feng Jiang

Feng Jiang is an Assistant Professor of Sustainable Functional Biomaterials in the Department of Wood Science, University of British Columbia. Dr. Jiang received PhD degree in Macromolecular Science and Engineering from Virginia Tech, and postdoctoral training at University of California Davis and University of Maryland College Park. Dr. Jiang’s research program focuses on converting naturally abundant biomass into advanced functional biomaterials (including cellulose nanocrystals, cellulose nanofibrils, lignin nanofibres, hydrogel, aerogel, transparent films, membranes, and organic-inorganic nanocomposites, etc.) complying with green chemistry practices. The biomaterials developed in his lab demonstrated promising application potentials in environmental remediation, biomedicine, structure and building, as well as energy storage and harvesting. Dr. Jiang has authored 42 referred international journal publications, 3 book chapters, and made over 30 presentations at international conferences.


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