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Peter Pauls

Peter Pauls has 34 years of experience in university research and teaching and has held various leadership roles in the university and scientific societies, including: Acting Associate Dean Academic (2006-2009), Chair of the Department of Plant Agriculture (2010-2015) and President of the Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists (2007-2009). His research is focused on cellular and molecular studies of embryogenesis, pathogen-induced stress, agronomic trait expression in field crop plants, bean breeding, genomics and bioproducts. He has taught courses on Plant Biotechnology, Plant Tissue Culture, Plant Genetics, Advanced Crop Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Plant Development.

Peter Pauls has published 170 peer reviewed journal articles and 21 book chapters and has advised 44 Masters and PhD students to completion. His awards include the: University of Waterloo Pearson Medal in Biology for outstanding scholarship in research (1982); University of Guelph Distinguished Professor Award (2003); Ontario Agricultural College Distinguished Researcher Award (2004); Bean Improvement Cooperative Meritorious Service Award for outstanding contributions in bean research and education (2013).  He became a registered Plant Breeder in 2006 and has developed 26 dry bean varieties that have been supported for registration. More than 10 of these varieties are currently licenced for production in Ontario.



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