Jonathan Y. Chen | University of Texas at Austin | USA

Dr. Jonathan Y. Chen has been working in the disciplinary area of textile science and engineering for over 30 years. He has expertise in structure, process, and applications of renewable and polymeric fiber materials; production and evaluation of biobased fiber composites; nonwoven and knitting technologies; and objective evaluation of apparel fabrics. His current research focuses are on development of bio-functional micron/nano cellulose fiber for medical textiles and energy saving apparels; production and evaluation of biobased nonwoven composites for automotive interior manufacture; fabrication and characterization of activated carbon fiber materials for end uses in protective garments, water/air filtration, bio- and chemical-contaminant cleanup, and noise absorption and insulation. He has published numerous research papers in peer-reviewed journals, books, and technical conference proceedings relevant to textile materials, polymers, composites, bioresource technologies, and material testing.Dr. Chen’s teaching interests cover textile science, textile/apparel manufacturing, specialty fiber/textile materials, textile numerical modeling, and advanced textile research methods.

Dr. Chen obtained Ph.D. in Textile Engineering in 1995 from the University of Leeds, England. Currently he is a full professor in the School of Human Ecology and an affiliated faculty member of the Texas Materials Institute at The University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Chen is Fellow of The Textile Institute (CText FTI) and Member of Bio-Environmental Polymer Society. He is serving the editorial boards for the Journal of Industrial Textiles and Journal of Biobased Materials and Bioenergy.




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