Workshop on Advanced Green Composites and Sustainability

ISBBB 2016 is pleased to present the Advanced Green Composites Workshop. This workshop will involve tutorial presentations and be complimentary to all interested conference attendees.


This workshop will discuss the current state of fully Green Composites that are specifically made using sustainable, plant based sources.  It will focus on the developments in the areas of fibers and resins that can result in Advanced Green Composites and possible applications.  Other developments that can accelerate the use of green composites will also be discussed. The workshop will also discuss the sustainability of green composites with respect to the economic, social and environmental impacts of the materials, processes and systems through which green composites are produced.

Workshop will be given by Drs. Anil Netravali and Hamdy Khalil


Anil Netravali | Cornell University

Dr. Anil Netravali is the Jean & Douglas McLean Professor in Fiber Science & Apparel Design at Cornell University. After obtaining Ph.D. from North Carolina State University in 1984 Dr. Netravali joined the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell University as a postdoctoral associate. In 1985 he joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering as a research associate and in August of 1987 he joined the Department of Fiber Science & Apparel Design as an assistant professor of Fiber Science. His main research is in the field of Fiber Reinforced Composites and Green Materials. Within the composites area the primary focus of his group has been in the development of Green resins from plant-based proteins and starches and reinforcing them using plant-based fibers to fabricate environment-friendly, Green Composites for a variety of applications. In the past few years, his research group has developed green resins and adhesives that have excellent mechanical properties; in some cases, better than commonly used epoxy resins. These carbon-neutral alternatives for the conventional petroleum-based composites are fully compostable at the end of their life. His group has also made ‘Advanced Green Composites’ with high strength and toughness that may be used in structural and ballistic applications. The second focus of his group is modification of fiber surfaces to control fiber/resin interface characteristics in composites. His research group has used many techniques including polymerizing and non-polymerizing plasmas, pulsed excimer laser, high power ion beam, solvent treatments, etc., to modify fiber surface chemistry and topography and controlling their adhesion to resins and thus the mechanical properties of composites. A third focus of his group is to develop new green nanofibers from proteins and starches for a variety of applications including high efficiency filtration and bacterial nanocellulose from food and agricultural waste for composites and medical applications.


Hamdy Khalil | Woodbridge Group

Dr. Hamdy Khalil is the Senior Global Director for Advanced Technologies Research and Product Development and Innovation for the Woodbridge Foam Corporation at The Woodbridge Group. Dr. Khalil holds a BSc with majors in chemistry and physics from the University of Alexandria in Egypt, an MSc in Nutritional Biochemistry from Cairo University in Egypt and a PhD from Windsor University. Dr. Khalil pioneered the introduction and commercialization of renewable materials into the polyurethane chemistry used in the interior automotive parts manufacturing which is now the benchmark for the industry. Prior to his present position at Woodbridge Foam Corporation - a major manufacturer of flexible moulded polyurethane foam for the global automotive industry- Dr. Khalil held positions at Labatt's in the pharmaceutical Division, for PolySar Corporation as analytical laboratory supervisor and as Senior Technical Manager for BFGoodrich. Dr. Khalil sits on the scientific advisory committee of ArboraNano and on the NRC steering committee for Bio-products development. He is the Vice Chair of the Ontario Bioautocouncil Board of Directors and Chair of the investment committee for CRIB Board of Directors. Dr. Khalil is one of the pioneers for the development of Phase Transfer Catalysis (PTC). He participated and Chaired many Biotechnology International Conferences. He holds patent in the areas of Polyurethane structural sealants, Latex, Styrenics and Bio Polyols. His first passion is the mentoring and development of young scientists and technical personnel.


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