Hani Naguib | University of Toronto | Canada

Hani Naguib is a Professor at the University of Toronto and Holder of Canada Research Chair in Smart and Functional Materials. His major expertise is in the area of manufacturing of emerging materials including: smart materials for sensing and actuation; nanomaterials for multifunctional applications, and bio-based materials for biomedical and green technologies. Naguib  is the recipient of numerous honours and awards such as the Canada Research Chair, the Premier’s Early Research Award of Ontario, the Canada Foundation of Innovation, and the faculty Early Teaching Award.  He is a Professional Engineer in Canada, a Chartered Engineer in U.K., a Fellow of the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining IOM3 in UK and Fellow of the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers, with other professional engineering affiliations. Naguib’s research group has made a strong contribution to internationally competitive research and has communicated, collaborated, and formed partnerships with industry, research institutes, and hospitals in studies of large scale materials and manufacturing projects.


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